Dummy's Guide to Postnuke
How to Run Your Website

Version 1.1 February 2004 for Postnuke v.726
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6. Becoming a Member

This section of the guide will seek to explain the differences between members and non-members as well as explain how visitors become members, recovering a lost password, the process of login/logout and the options available in the "My Account" link to members.

6.1 Members (users) vs. non-members vs. anonymous visitors

A member is a web-visitor who has registered on this site, received a password via email and then returned to login again on the site. Non-members are web-visitors who have not registered. Anonymous visitors are web-visitors who have not logged in to the site (whether they can or not is irrelevant, they haven't).

NOTE: being a member on this website has nothing to do with membership in any related organization. There is no integration with other membership databases that may be related to the organization sponsoring the development of the site. Usernames and passwords will be different and information cannot be shared between the various databases.

6.2 Registration

Any anonymous visitor can register on the website by completing the following process
1) Click the "Sign up" link in the Login block or clicking "here" in the Who's Online block.
2) Click the "Register" link.
3) Click the appropriate consent link.
4) Choose and type in a username (it can be anything you like)
5) Type in a VALID email address that you can retrieve
6) Retype the same email address
7) Check the box that indicates you are willing to be bound by the website's terms of use and privacy policy.
8) If you wish, check the box that will allow others to view your email address (not recommended)
9) Click the "new user" button.
10) If successful, you will receive a message that indicates you have been sent an email with a password - SAVE THAT EMAIL SOMEWHERE!
11) Return to the site, login using the chosen username and assigned password
12) Read section 6.5 for details on how to change your password (recommended)

6.3 Recovering a Lost Password

Any user that cannot remember their password can have a new password assigned by completing the following process. Original passwords cannot be retrieved due to security concerns.
1) Click the "Log in Problems?" link in the Login block or click the "Sign Up" link, then click the "Retreive lost password" link.
2) Type your username in the appropriate field and click the "send password" button.
3) You will receive a message stating that confirmation code has been mailed to you.
4) Retrieve your email and return to the site by following the link in the email.
5) Click "Retrieve lost password" again.
6) Enter your username and the confirmation code in the appropriate box.
7) Click "send password" again.
8) You will receive a message that a new password has been generated and emailed to you. Retrieve your email.
9) Follow the link in the email back to the site. Click "Login."
10) Enter your username and new password, click "remember me", and then click the login button.
11) Read section 6.5 for details on how to change your password (recommended)

6.4 Login/Logout

6.4.1 Login

In order to login to the site, follow the following directions:
1) Go the main page of the site.
2) Find the Login block.
3) Enter your username and password.
4) Check the remember me box (recommended).
5) Click the "Login" button.
6) If username and password were correct, you are now logged in.

6.4.2 Logout

In order to logout, Click the "logout" link in the Main Menu.

6.5 My Account

The "My Account" page can be accessed by clicking the "My Account" link in the Main Menu.
Change homepage: This area allows you to add a block to your own page that you can put anything in that you wish.
Change your info: This is your personal profile. There are many optional fields you can complete so that others who access the site can see who you are. The most important thing in this section is your ability to change your own password. To do so, scroll to the bottom of the page, enter your new password twice and click the save changes button.
Comments setup: This area allows you to configure how you would like comments displayed.
Newsletter Subscription: This are allows you to signup to receive a site newsletter.
Logout/Exit: Logs the user out.

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